Chart of Accounts Project

The Banner/EAS Chart of Accounts Clean-up and Synchronization Project (CoA Project) was a multi-year, multi-phase project designed to improve the chart of accounts in the University's two main enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, EAS and Banner.  This project was foundational to the success of other projects (past and future) relying on data in EAS and Banner.

This project had three phases:

  • Phase 1 - Ongoing CoA Clean-Up - Completed May 2015
  • Phase 2 - Banner CoA Field Use Redesign - Completed June 2017
  • Phase 3 - Synchronization of the CoA between EAS and Banner through reporting - Completed October 2018

More information about each of the phases can be found in Presentations.

This project met four primary business needs and objectives:


  • More flexible reporting
  • Greater consistency, reliability, and understandability of data and processes
  • Better analytics

End User Experience

  • Flexibility for organization changes
  • CoA hierarchy resembling functional organization structure
  • User friendly design/easier to understand
  • Ability for users to self-serve
  • More streamlined organization structure
  • Better visibility between Banner and EAS with the ability to share knowledge
  • Quicker access to data (shorter turn-around time on requests)

Process-Oriented Support

  • Improved, simpler mapping and reconciliation between the systems
  • Clear responsibilities and ownership of data/maintenance/processes
  • Improved efficiencies in data setup and maintenance
  • Better understanding of processes and education of stakeholders


  • Easy to administer security, including add/update/delete and reporting/viewing
  • Consistent, appropriate granularity
  • Appropriate access for users to underlying data in each ERP