Mis-Match Clean-Up

As part of Phase 1 – CoA Clean-Up, the project team discovered that there were approximately 200 Organization and Index values used in EAS for C-Funds that did not match the Organization and Index values in Banner.  The project team analyzed the differences and sought feedback and agreement from Finance Directors to make the recommendation to align the values, where possible, to help achieve the project goals for improved end-user experience and process-oriented support.  As of May 2016, the Organization and Index values for C-Funds are now the same in EAS and Banner in almost all cases.

A crosswalk comparing the old values to the new values is available upon request from the Office of the University Controller.

It is important to note that the new values are also used in many systems in addition to EAS and Banner.   Please take care to use the new values in the following systems:

Human Resource Systems:

  • Banner
  • PeopleAdmin
  • Kronos
  • Student Hire
  • Faculty Hire
  • EPAFs
  • Terminations
  • Labor Redistributions
  • Cognos Query Parameters

Financial Systems:

  • PaymentNet
  • Buy
  • Concur
  • Stipend Management Application

Other Auxiliary Systems:

  • GW Documents
  • LeaseHarbor
  • T2/McGann
  • Conservice
  • AIM
  • AR Quest
  • Calero/Pinnacle