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Cash Transfer, Check, and Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

GW Treasury Management 

Send a request to Satpal Beri, Senior Accountant, at 571-553-4118 or [email protected].

You need to submit a duly notarized affidavit on a bank prescribed form to get a reimbursement. A copy of the form may be obtained from Satpal Beri at [email protected].

Send an email request with the related check number, amount, payee, and cleared date of the check to Satpal Beri at [email protected]u.

Journal Entries

Frequently Asked Questions

If the string of characters begins with "O-", the data restrictions are based on Organization values; if the string begins with "A-", then they are Account-based.

Your supervisor approves your journals. If you have additional questions about your approver, please contact Financial Systems Support at 571-553-4002.

Yes, you can contact the Systems, Analytics, & Insights Group at 571-553-4002 to request that your journal be forwarded to someone other than your designated approver.


Frequently Asked Questions

Accruals are expenses incurred but not yet paid or recorded.

Accruals are done on a quarterly basis and are reversed the first month of the following quarter.

Payroll accruals are recorded monthly to the Budget Performance Reports.

Accruals are automatically reversed in the month following that in which the expense was paid. Please do not submit any journal entries to adjust, reclass, or reverse accruals.

You can contact University Accounting Services at 571-553-4054.

The Manual Journal Entry Form is used to correct charges with a source of Payables or Purchase Invoices, and when departments agree to share expenses or to correct charges incorrectly processed by service providers (ex. postage, telecom, etc.).

Yes. The monthly calendar is available on the Oracle EAS webpage.

The year-end closing schedule of key dates is published in the month of April on the Oracle EAS webpage.

DC and Virginia Sales Tax Remittance

The District of Columbia and Virginia Sales Tax Remittance Form (PDF) must be completed monthly by any GW Department that is performing taxable sales transactions.  Instructions are available.

Credit Card Merchant Accounts

To establish a new Merchant Account for your department please contact Treasury Management at [email protected] Once you have established a Merchant Account, you may need to prepare journal entries to record credit card activity on your department's new Merchant Account.  In order to do so, please review the Preparing a Cash Deposit Journal - Credit Card  training.