Attaching Documents to Journal Entries

Attachment Fundamentals

  • Four (4) attachment types are available: File, Long Text, Short Text and Website.
  • File extension include but not limited to TIF, PDF, DOC, XLS and PPT.
  • Each journal can have multiple attachments.
  • Attachments can only be added to the Journal Header.
  • Attachments are viewable by others.
  • Approvers can add new attachments and delete existing attachments while approving journals.

Adding an Attachment to a Journal

Step 1.  Enter information in the Journal Header and Line information and  click the Save icon on the taskbar.

Step 2.  Click the attachment icon on the taskbar.

Step 3. In the attachment window that appears, type the word "Journal" in the category field, or click in the field to bring up the value options. Enter "%", press the Find button, select "Journal", and click OK. Tab to the Description field to enter a description of the attachment.  The Title field is optional.


Step 4.  Tab to the “Data Type” box and choose the data type of the attachment. 

To attach a file:

  1. The Oracle Upload a File window appears. Press the Browse button, select the file you want to upload, and click Submit.

  1. The Oracle Upload a File window will let you know if the file has been uploaded successfully. Close this window.

  1. Click Yes - the file has been uploaded successfully.  The file is automatically saved to the journal.  The Decision box will disappear.

  1. Press Open Document to verify that you are able to view the document.

  1. Press the Publish to Catalog button and the “Record saved successfully” message is displayed. Click OK.  The Note box appears. Click OK.


Close the attachment window and proceed with completing the journal entry.

To add text:

After selecting the text option the white box at the bottom of the Attachment page will change to yellow. Type or copy/paste text in the box.   Long Text – less than 2000 characters and Short Text – less than 1000 characters.  Once the text has been entered, click the Save icon on the taskbar.

To reference a web page:

After selecting the Web Page option, the form will move to the Source Tab where the url is entered. Enter the url and click the save icon. Click "Open Document" to ensure that the web page opens.

Close the web page and attachment form, and proceed with completing the journal entry.