Sponsored Project Points of Contact

Sponsored Project Accountants/Analysts support Sponsored Projects by preparing the financial reports and invoices for the sponsors. They are also available to answer questions and to provide support for your projects. Below is a listing of the Sponsored Project Accountants/Analysts assigned to the individual schools and departments. (Note: If a Sponsored Project is split among schools, GCAS assigns a single point of contact for the whole project which is determined by the school or department of the primary PI.)

School/Division Sponsored Project Accountant/Analyst Phone
Biostatistics Ray Ouellette 571-553-3605
Business Fatima Abdallaoui 571-553-4123
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences (CCAS) Shelia Temple 571-553-4214
Civic Engagement & Public Service Center Fatima Abdallaoui 571-553-4123
College of Professional Studies (CPS) Fatima Abdallaoui 571-553-4123
Elliott School of International Affairs Shelia Temple 571-553-4214
Gelman Library Fatima Abdallaoui 571-553-4123
Global Women's Institute Fatima Abdallaoui 571-553-4123
Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) Theresa Tran-Nguyen 571-553-3608
GW Institute of Public Policy (GWIPP) Ahmed Al-Ariqi 571-553-0288
Homeland Security Fatima Abdallaoui 571-553-4123
Information Technology Fatima Abdallaoui 571-553-4123
Law Fatima Abdallaoui 571-553-4123
Nursing Ahmed Al-Ariqi 571-553-0288
Office of Vice President for Research (OVPR) Fatima Abdallaoui 571-553-4123
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Theresa Tran-Nguyen 571-553-3608
School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) Esayas Gebremariam 571-553-3571
Milken Institute School of Public Health (GWSPH) Ahmed Al-Ariqi 571-553-0288
Special Assignments
CTSA Ray Ouellette 571-553-3605
Dr. Kan - CPCRA Ray Ouellette 571-553-3605
Textile Museum Ray Ouellette 571-553-3605