Service and Recharge Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Research Facility
(Natural Account 59506-Animal Research)

FACS (Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorter) Core Facility
(Use natural account 59536-FACS Core Facility)

Proteomics Core
(Natural Account 59538- Proteomics Core Facility)

NCAC Supercomputer
(Natural Account 59504- Computer Services Expense)

Pathology Core Lab
(Natural Account 59512 – Medical Services)

SMPA Studio
(Natural Account 59503-Audiovisual Services)

CUER Lab (Geography)
(Natural Account 59501 – Printing and Graphics)

Capital Area Advanced Research & Technology Service (CAAREN)
(Natural Account 59504-Computer Services Expense)

DIT Risk Assessment
(Natural Account 59504- Computer Services Expense)

DIT Managed Server
(Natural Account 59504- Computer Services Expense)

Nanofabrication and Imaging Center
(Natural Account 59539-Nanofabrication and Imaging Center Core Facility)

The Washington Institute of Surgical Education and Research (WISER)
(Natural Account 59512 – Medical Services)

Genomics Core Facility (GWSPH)
(Natural Account 59537- Genomics Core Facility)

Last updated 6/18/20.

Please contact Athula Navaratne, Manger, Grants & Contracts Accounting, at 571-553-4201 or

Facilities operated under Events & Venues can be charged on sponsored projects.  Facilities that operate under Events & Venues are considered as auxiliary or similar enterprise. According to 2 CFR 200, charges of auxiliary or other similar enterprises should be included in the award agreement / proposal.

If Grant funds are used to pay for an event, GW Event and Venue office will include GCAS ([email protected]) when sending the final invoice to the department. GCAS will then process the journal entry to your grant using the final invoice as support and notify you when the action is completed. GCAS will process journal entry only when the final invoice is available and the grant is ready to take additional costs. Please work with your event office to ensure receipt of final invoice for the event.

If charges are initially posted to your department funds, follow the charging internal expense to sponsor project guideline and submit your DCF via the University Payables Invoice Submission portal. If your submission meets the requirements, GCAS will process the DCF and post your expenses to Grant.