Foreign Gifts

The university will accept gifts that promote the university’s goals as an independent academic institution that is dedicated to furthering human well-being.

Several university policies provide guidance with regards to gift acceptance, the restrictions on gifts that the university can accept and more specifically, receiving gifts from a foreign source.

All gifts to the university must be processed, recorded and receipted by the Gift Recording office in the university Division of Development and Alumni Relations (DAR GR). All information and correspondence regarding the acceptance of any Gift to the university must be forwarded immediately to DAR GR and should be accompanied by a Gift transmittal form and/or a departmental memorandum outlining the details of the transaction.  Timely processing also ensures that donors are properly acknowledged and recognized.

Questions should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) at 202-994-6415 or Office of the University Controller at 571-553-4079.

Contracts of any dollar value with foreign sources should be reported to Financial Reporting in the Office of the University Controller. Questions should be directed to Financial Reporting at [email protected].

For detailed guidance, please refer to: