Financial Systems & Solutions Training

EAS General Ledger (GL) Training Documentation

EAS Supply Chain (SC) Training Documentation

EAS Requisition Entry and Maintenance Training documentation

EAS Blanket Release Entry and Maintenance training documentation

Stipend Management Application (SMA) Training Documentation 

  • Stipend Application Navigation (PDF)

Note: The following SMA Training is available through Human Resource Management and Development [email protected]

  • Creating a Stipend - Non GW Student
  • Create a Stipend - GW Student
  • Processing Retroactive Stipends

EAS Grant (GM) Training Documentation

Quick Reference Guide - Review Awards using Award Status Inquiry (ASI) (PDF)

Quick Reference Guide - Understand Budgetary Control and Funds Checking (PDF)

Quick Reference Guide - Understand Suspense (PDF)

Quick Reference Guide - Which Subcontract Expenditure Type should I use? (PDF)

Note: PI Dashboard information and training is available through OVPR

iBuy+ Expense Training Documentation

Note: iBuy Expense (Concur) online training is available on the Procurement iBuy+ website.

One-on-One Training

Contact the DIT Help Desk at 202-994-4948 or [email protected] and identify your training need.