Endowment Payout and Reporting

The Office of the University Controller oversees the administration of endowment activities, including the establishment of new endowment funds and the distribution of endowment payout.

Endowment payout supports a variety of purposes across the university, including scholarships, professorships, facility support and research. To request a funding transfer or direct spending from an endowment fund, please complete the Endowment Request Form (PDF) and submit it to [email protected].

Form Instructions

You must complete an Endowment Request Form when requesting payout from the endowment. There are three options:

1) Direct payment request:  If you would like to pay a student, faculty member, or vendor directly from the endowment, please complete Section 1. Supporting documentation is required, and all requests must meet University Payables requirements.

2)  Funding transfer:  If you would like to transfer endowment funds to an operating or restricted fund, please complete Section 2. Supporting documentation is required.

3) Reinvestment of payout:  If you would like to reinvest unused payout back into the corpus of the endowment, please complete Section 3. No supporting documentation is required, but reinvestment must be permitted under the terms of the gift agreement.

The Endowment Request Form and supporting documentation must be emailed as a single document to the Office of the University Controller at [email protected].   We accept electronic signatures on the form and scanned copies of supporting documentation.  Do not submit hard copy originals.  For questions, please email Lauren Bain at [email protected] or call 571-553-0159.

Endowment Reporting

The Financial Reporting team regularly tracks, monitors, and reports on endowment activity and available balances to academic units and administrative divisions. We work closely with the University Budget Office to fund professorships and facilities with available endowment funds. We also collaborate with the Division of Development and Alumni Relations to provide our generous donors with information about the positive impact their gifts have had on the university.  Several sources of guidance concerning the endowment reporting process are available.