Financial Systems & Solutions

Financial Systems & Solutions provides end-to-end business technology solutions and related services to various units across the Finance Division to help better support GW departments, increasingly leveraging information and technology to deliver better products and services, manage costs, and mitigate risks.

Guiding Principles of Financial Systems & Solutions

  • Customer Centricity - Service and value to our customers in everything we do
  • Solution Innovation – Creatively solving business problems by effectively leverage information and technology
  • Operational Excellence – Infuse excellence in everything we do
  • Succinct Communication – Define and articulate problems and analytical solutions in business friendly language


We work with our various customers to solve business and systems needs in the most efficient and effective way. Our assignments vary but involve the following components.

  • Financial Systems Roadmap - We work with customers to understand systems, analytics and insights needs and help to prioritize such needs by taking into account business importance, readiness of data and ease of development. The result is a financial systems roadmap that lays out a number of priorities in Finance with key milestones and deliverables.
  • Business Systems Architecture Definition - We regularly review business systems architecture and its relevance to business needs. In doing this, Financial Systems & Solutions maintains schematic diagrams for process workflows and information exchange topographies. Any decision the business wants to make is based on solid technical architectural principles that are well defined and documented.
  • Solution Design and Development - We work with business in rapid prototyping of business solutions. Financial Systems & Solutions' pilot workshops are geared toward defining the business need, articulating requirements, mocking up visualizations, assessing data (availability, quality, integration, conceptualization and certification) and finally helping drive solutions through formal Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC) methodologies.
  • Business-Lead over Full Project Management Life Cycle - Financial Systems & Solutions owns and represents the business in implementation of Finance-related projects across the Full Project Management Life Cycle, including idea definition, proposals for stakeholders, preparing plans, enabling user training, and other identified needs.
  • Technology Collaboration - Financial Systems & Solutions works closely with the GW Division of Information Technology to select the right technology solution to solve the business problem. This includes assessing enterprise architectural fit, vendor selection, and other scenario-specific  variables.



Financial Systems & Solutions exists to provide systems support to various processes within the Finance Division and Total Rewards at GW and serve our internal customers who perform those processes.

Financial Reporting

About the Office
Within the Finance Division, the Office of the University Controller is responsible for management of the university's administrative financial operations. Financial Reporting Services, as part of the Office of the University Controller, is responsible for providing timely and accurate financial information for external reporting and analysis to support decision-making throughout the university. External reporting includes managing the annual audit process as well as responding to various surveys common to institutions of higher education.

Our Role
To facilitate these processes Financial Systems & Solutions identifies business intelligence and other business process needs then designs and develops solutions to those needs. In addition, FSS fully manages the life cycle of those projects to implement the solutions. FSS also supports the Enterprise Accounting System (EAS) used for Financial Reporting.

Treasury Management

About the Office
GW’s Finance Division is responsible for the overall integrity of the university's fiscal activities. As part of that team, Treasury Management is responsible for the management of the university’s financial resources. This includes investment of cash and the administration of debt to ensure resources are available to meet the operating and capital needs of the university, credit card processing, and lockbox services. 

Our Role
Financial Systems & Solutions facilitates the Treasury Management department through its support of Treasury’s two-year systems roadmap and other analytic needs, including cash forecasting and other reports. This includes working with Treasury to analyze and prioritize identified reporting requirements, developing analytic solutions including data warehousing tools, and performing quality assurance during implementations. 

Tax Department, Payroll Services, and Benefits Administration

About the Office
The Finance Division is responsible for the overall integrity of the university's fiscal activities, committed to providing exceptional customer service while performing several core functions. Financial Systems & Solutions staff also work with Payroll Services and Benefits Administration in the Total Rewards division of Human Resource Management and Development.

  • Tax Department: Responsible for compliance with federal and state reporting requirements by the entire university, protection of the university’s tax-exempt status, and for providing guidance concerning tax withholding and reporting of payments made to international students, scholars and visitors to GW.
  • Payroll Services: Responsible for ensuring all employees are paid for time worked in an accurate and timely manner, managing the time reporting system and administering the SmartTrip and pre-Tax Transportation programs.
  • Benefits Administration: Responsible for administering the university's benefit programs, including health and welfare, retirement and tuition remission benefits, conducting employee benefit orientation, education, and enrolling new hires in all applicable programs

Our Role
Financial Systems & Solutions facilitates Tax, Payroll and Benefits Administration through its support of their systems roadmaps and other operational and analytic needs. Working with each department, FSS is responsible for identifying business intelligence and other business process needs, designing and developing solutions to those needs, and fully managing the life cycle throughout the implementation of those solutions. FSS also provides system support for the following:

  • Banner (Payroll Module)
  • PayBase

Risk Management

About the Office
Within GW, the Office of Risk Management and Insurance is the support organization that provides the expertise necessary to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment. Risk Management provides central coordination of exposure identification, risk evaluation, risk control and risk financing.

Our Role
Financial Systems & Solutions facilitates the Office of Risk Management through its support of their two-year systems roadmap and other analytic needs, including federal, state and insurance filings. This consists of working with Risk Management to analyze and prioritize identified reporting requirements, developing analytic solutions including data warehousing tools, and performing quality assurance) during implementations. FSS also provides limited support for the Risk Management Information System (RMIS) used by Risk Management.

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