CoA Primer - EAS & Banner

The following "CoA Primer" is offered as an overview of the University's two ERP systems:  Banner and EAS Oracle (EAS).



  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
    from Oracle.
  • Financial system of record.
  • Captures all financial data
    and is the source for financial reporting.
  • Receives information from other systems
    through interfaces.



  • ERP from Ellucian.
  • System of record for HR data.
  • System of record for student/registrar
    data, including financial information.
  • Feeds payroll/benefits
    and tuition information to EAS.


The CoA in each system consists of the following elements.  Visit the Glossary for definitions of these terms.



EAS GL Accounting string is 9 segments:

  • Entity
  • Account
  • Organization
  • Funding Source
  • Net Asset Class
  • Function
  • Location
  • Activity
  • Future



Banner CoA consists of 6 elements:

  • Fund
  • Organization
  • Account
  • Program
  • Activity
  • Location


In order for the two ERP systems to “connect”, there is an EAS-Banner Mapping Table.  This table is a custom form in EAS used to translate an Index in Banner to a:

  • GL Accounting String OR
  • Sponsored Projects’ Project/Task/Award (PTA) OR
  • Cost Share PTA with associated funding source for cost share (Banner index that maps to corresponding
    C or R fund) OR
  • Endowment Tracking System fund

For C-Funds (Current Operations), 99 percent of the time, the Index is mapped “as is”, meaning the values for Index, Banner Organization, and EAS Organization are all the same (e.g. 642015=642015=642015).  

It is important for users of the EAS and Banner systems to understand how and when to use certain elements of the CoA for consistency in transacting and reporting.  A common example of often-confused terminology is Index, Organization, and EAS Alias.  These terms are often referenced interchangeably as the values are sometimes the same.  The meaning and use of these elements are distinctly different, however.

Training is now available in preparation for the go-live of Phase 2 - Banner CoA Field Use Redesign.

We encourage all users of Banner and/or EAS to review the Chart of Accounts Online Class training module in Talent@GW.   For optimal viewing, please use the Chrome internet browser and enable Adobe Flash Player.