EAS Capture Data Required for HEA Filing

Effective Accounts

21281 - District of Columbia Virginia Sales Tax

41153 - Off Campus Group Contacts

41163 - Seminars/Workshops Tuition

46121 - Summer Housing Income Non Taxable

47421 - Contract Medical Education

47571 - Other Miscellaneous Revenue

51511 - Salary Wage Reimbursement


  1. Navigate to GW GL Entry responsibility.
  2. Select ‘Enter Journal’ from the menu, at the Find Journal Window select, New Journal.
  3. Enter the
    1.  journal header information and
    2. enter line information
  4. Click in the last box on the journal line to bring up the descriptive flexfields to enter HEA filing information.

HEA journal entry screenshot

  1. Begin to populate the DFFs
    1. Foreign or US?

Foreign or US DFF

  1. Name of Country ( click on list of values)

HEA country question

  1. Enter Name of Foreign Source
  2. Payment Type (Click on list of values)

HEA paymenttype question

  1. Receipt Type (Click on list of values)

HEA receipt type question

  1. Contract Start Date and Contract End Date (dd-mon-yyyy)
  2. Restriction (Yes, No)
  3. Restriction description
  1. The descriptive flexfields should look similar to the below illustration.

HEA descriptive fields