EAS Favorites

How to add EAS – Oracle Application Home Page Favorites

Favorites Dropdown

Click the “Favorites” dropdown to open “Manage Favorites” window.

Favorites dropdown

Customize Favorites

Click the “Responsibility” dropdown and choose the Responsibility used to run the report.

Customize favorites window

Select Function Prompt

Press “Go” to list all Functions available for the responsibility.
Check the Function Prompt you want to add to the favorites.
To run reports select “Run”.
Press Select Functions “Add”.
Press “Apply” to save Favorites.
Press Home.

Select function screen

Select to Display

Scroll down to view and edit Favorites.
Recommend editing the Favorite to include the function and responsibility.
Example: Run (Reports) GW GA Inquire.
Note: To add a webpage Press “Add URL” type Favorite and URL.

Select favorites to display

EAS - Oracle Application Home Page with Favorites Links

Home page with favorites

The links show custom Favorite text entered in Select to Display – Run (Reports) GW GA Inquirer.