EAS Purchase Requisition Entry (NIGP) - Alias Based


Add to an Existing PO

  • When additional funds are needed on an existing PO, a new requisition is created and linked to the existing PO

Requisition Line Types

  • Goods: tangible products generally sold at a fixed unit price
  • Services: intangible services generally sold hourly
  • Leases: Monthly rental or lease agreements.  Work with Procurement prior to use

Categories (NIGP Codes)

  • A National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) code defines the products / services that a vendor provides
  • Vendors receive solicitations based on the NIGP codes they register

Step-by-Step Process

Details of Requisition Request

  1. Select your GW SC Departmental User Responsibility.
User responsibility selection


  1. Select the Requisitions text box.
Selection of Requisitions text box


  1. Enter Description - this is for your reference.  Press the tab key.
Enter Description


  1. Select Yes or No. If Yes, another field will open for the PO number.
Entering related PO number


  1. Default Line Type is Goods.  Other options are Services and Leases (QuickPay is no longer available).
Default line type showing


  1. Select a line type, using the Type search icon to select one other than the default of Goods.
Line type selection


  1. Select Category Search.
Selection of Category Search
  1. Enter either an NIGP Code (e.g. 918-00) or a partial description using % as a wildcard symbol.  Press Find.
Search for NIGP code
  1. Select NIGP code and press OK.
Select NIGP code
  1. Enter Line Description and press the Tab key.
Entering line Description
  1. Enter Quantity and press the Tab key.
Enter quantity
  1. Need-By date is optional.
Optional need-by-date
  1. Select Date and OK for optional need-by date.
Selection of optional need-by date
  1. Select Location search.
Selection of location search
  1. Enter street number and % (wildcard).  Press Find.
Search for location address
  1. Select Location.  Press OK.
Selection of correct location

Supplier Information

  1. Select Supplier search.
Selection of supplier search
  1. Enter partial supplier name using % to narrow the search results.  Select Find.
Searching for correct supplier
  1. Select Site search
Select site search.
  1. Select Site and press OK.
Selection of supplier site


  1. Select Distributions.
Start distribution process
  1. Select Charge Account (Alias) search.
Selection of Alias search
  1. Enter the Alias and press the Tab key.
Entering the alias number
  1. Alias description is displayed.  Select OK.
Select the alias that is displayed
  1. Select Account search or type the Natural Account Number.
Enter to search for Natural Account Number
  1. Enter account number or description (using %). Select Find.
Finding account number
  1. Select Account and OK.
Selection of correct account number
  1. Select field in [  ] .
Selection of [ ] field
  1. Select Suite or Office Number for delivery.  If you have to assign the requisition to a specific approver for the department being charged, move to the second line down and select accordingly. Select OK.
Selection of suite for delivery
  1. Select diskette icon to save record.
Save record
  1. Close Distributions form.
Close distributions form


  1. Select the Number at the requisition header to add an attachment. Approvers can easily view documents attached to the requisition header.
Location in header to attach backup documentation
  1. Select the paperclip icon.
Selection of paperclip icon
  1. Select attachment Category search.
Category search selection
  1. Enter % and select Find.
Searching for attachment category
  1. Select To Buyer to ensure the Procurement and Approvers can view attachments.  Select OK.
Designate who can see attachments
  1. Enter document title and press Tab key.
Entry of document title
  1. Enter attachment description and press the Tab key.
Entering of attachment description
  1. Enter Data Type search.
Enter data type search
  1. Select File.  Select OK.  To type text instead of uploading a file, select Long Text or Short Text and select OK.
Choose to attach file of type text
  1. If this screen is immediately displayed the "import page" is minimized or behind this page.
Upload result screen
  1. Click the Upload File box.
Location of Upload file box
  1. Select the Name text box, select the file to upload, and click the Open button.
Selection of file to attach
  1. Confirmation should appear at the left.  Select the Close Window text box.
Attachment confirmation screen
  1. Select OK.
Confirmation of upload
  1. Select Open Document to confirm document was attached.
Opening of attached document
  1. Close Attachments screen.
Final attachment screen


  1. Select Approve.
Selection of Approve button
  1. Optional - add a note to the approver.  Select OK.
Optional opportunity to add note to approver
  1. Select OK to submit.
Selection of OK after budgetary approval
  1. A new Requisition opens for entry.  Close if not needed.
New requisition screen

Requisition entry and submission complete!