Effort Reporting Guidance

Effort reporting is the process by which the University determines and documents the effort expended on sponsored agreements during each reporting period. Effort is the relative amount of time spent on a particular activity. It includes time spent working on a sponsored project in which salary is directly charged or contributed (cost-shared effort). Employees compensated in whole or in part by sponsored agreements must verify their effort.

Each sponsored project is a separate line on the Effort Report, while all non-sponsored activities are combined in a single line. Voluntary uncommitted cost sharing is included in the non-sponsored activity line. Note that all compensation is included in these percentages, both from the individual’s primary job as well as any secondary jobs with the exception of bonuses and Summer Teaching Salary. For every individual, whether full-time or part-time, the total of all effort distributions is 100%. If a person works only half time, but that time is spent on only one sponsored project, the Effort Report for that individual will show 100% on that single sponsored project. The Effort Report is showing the distribution of effort – not the percent of full-time worked. The effort reports are based on pay dates, not period.


1) Effort reports distributed within two weeks when period closes. It’s distributed to the departments by their home org number, along with an effort tracker and this guidance document.

  • When received, verify the departmental tracker and effort file for receipt of all expected reports. (Note: Updated trackers can be requested by the department throughout the Effort Reporting cycle).
  •  IMPORTANT: If you receive reports for researchers who do not reside within your school/department, please forward the reports to the proper organization immediately and simply copy GCAS ([email protected]).
  •  Distribute reports, set internal deadline.

2) Effort reports are due back to GCAS within 30 days of the distribution date. Send signed and dated reports to [email protected].

3) All Labor Redistribution’s must be approved and processed within 60 days of the end of the effort period (e.g., period ends May 31st, must be processed by July 31st). If they are not processed in Banner by the end of the 60 days, the salary adjustment will be considered a Cost Transfer and will be required to follow the Cost Transfer Policy

4) Please follow the Procedures for Labor Cost Transfers.

If you receive an effort report that has manual corrections on it, please be sure that the labor redistribution process has been started. If the labor redistribution process has not been started, please contact the admin responsible and have them begin the process.


1) Review effort report for accuracy and reasonableness; evaluate reports for correct distribution across projects.

2) If changes are required, please note the detailed changes directly on the report and collect the appropriate signature and date (Request department administrator to complete the labor redistribution process. Redistributions should be completed, through banner no later than 60 days of the end of the period (if they are not processed through banner prior to this date they will be considered a cost transfer, as noted above)).

3) Return signed and dated report to your department’s effort coordinator or send directly to [email protected], all reports are due back to GCAS within 30 days of the distribution.


Effort hotline: 571-553-4117

Email: [email protected]

Patrick Miller, Senior Compliance Specialist -  Phone: 571-553-3523, Email: [email protected]

Tania Wadhawan, Associate Director, Strategy and Compliance -  Phone: 571-553-8549, Email: [email protected]


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