GL 324A BPR Summary Request

Submit Request Option for Running the GL 324A Budget Performance Reports Summary


  1. Log into EAS and select your GL Entry or GL Inquiry responsibility.

Select: Reports: Request, Run Standard Requests

Reports Request screen

Or Select: Other, Request, Submit New Request

Second option to select requests

  1. Select Single Request and Click OK.

BPR report selection screen

  1. The Submit Request form appears. Use the list of values key to find the Budget Performance Report you would like to run, select the report, and click OK. Note: There are two formats of the Budget Performance Report- Summary, PDF and CSV. PDF allows you to view online and print. The CSV format allows you export to Excel.

List of available reports


  1. Complete the parameter page, then select OK. Assuming a monthly review, this request is being submitted for the prior month’s expenses.
  • Ledger Id = George Washington University
  • Budget Name = Use the appropriate” APPROVED” budget associated with period under review
  • Period Name = The desired period for review
  • Organization From/To = Single value, range
  • Funding Source From/To = Single value, range
  • Show Annual Budget & Prior YTD Actuals = Yes or No

Parameter screen

  1. You are now ready to submit the report for processing. Click Submit.

Report request submit screen

  1. Click Refresh Data tab to check the progress of your request.

Report status screen

  1. Once your request has completed:

For PDF format, click the View Output tab to view the report.

PDF output example

For CSV format, click the View Output tab.

CSV format example

Go to File, click Save As:

  • Select a Directory to place the report.
  • File Name- append to displayed name or choose a different name.
  • Save as type -Text File.
  • Click Save.

Save file screen

  1. Open Excel and locate the file saved. Make sure the File Type is set to All Files, click Open.Review your budget amounts and the “Balance Available” column.

Searching for file in folders screen

  1. Three step import process to Excel.
  • Select – Delimited and click Next.

Import to Excel step 1 screen

  • Select – Check Comma, uncheck Tab

Import to Excel step 2 screen

  • Click the Finish Tab, the report appears as an Excel worksheet.

Import to Excel step 3 screen