Grants Management FAQ

For Principal Investigators (PIs) and others involved with sponsored projects, your Sponsored Project Administrator (SPA) is your first point-of-contact for any questions relating to the Grants Management module of EAS. Visit the Research Staff page to find your SPA's name and contact information.

For any general questions or technical issues, please contact the EAS helpdesk at 202-994-4948, option 1, or [email protected].

If you already have Grants access and require access to another award, contact your Sponsored Project Administrator (SPA) in the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) to have them add you to that award.

If you do not have Oracle access you will need to complete the EAS Access form (PDF) online, then work with your SPA to gain the required access.

Supply Chain (SC) access is based on organization number, so it is possible that you have access to a PTA but not to the organization number associated with it. If the PTA is associated with an organization number you have not worked with before you will need to complete the EAS Access form, then coordinate with your SPA to add the needed access.

It is also possible that the requisition failed funds checking. Please contact your SPA to resolve funds-checking issues.

Methods you may use to identify the encumbrance:

  1. Run the ‘Award-Project Encumbrance Report [GM-410] – XML’ report to find all encumbrances against Project/Task/Award.  The encumbrances will include Purchase Order, Requisitions, Returned Requisitions, and AP Invoices not interfaced to Grants.
  2. From the main Oracle GA menu select ‘Award Status.’ In the ‘Find Awards Status’ form, look up your award then, from top level, click on the ‘Commitments’ button to view everything listed against your award.
  3. Run the ‘Supply Chain Encumbrance Report By GL Flexfield [PO-266]’ report to find the all of the purchase orders listed to your organization

If you have enough money left in your budget for the expense, a few things could be happening:

  1. Did you include fringe (if applicable) and indirect costs in your calculation?
  2. Are there other items in funds check failure that are preventing the new item from posting?

For more information, see the Quick Reference Guide - Understand Budgetary Control and Funds Checking.

The Start Date is the first day of the period of performance of your award.

The End Date is the last day of the period of performance of your award.

The Close Date is the date the final report is due to the sponsor.

The Pre-Award Date is the date pre-award spending is allowed by your sponsor (where applicable)

In EAS, expenses can be charged with an Expenditure Item Date between the Start Date (or pre-award date) and the End Date.  The posting date (PA Date) of the expense must be between the Start Date (or pre-award date) and the Close Date.

Requisitions and POs can be entered up until the end date of the award.  After the end date has arrived, expenses must be processed against existing POs or be paid via direct pay.

From the main Oracle GA menu select ‘Awards’ then select ‘View.’ In the ‘Find Award’ form select ‘Awards’ from the ‘Search For’ menu, then click the ‘Find’ button. If you believe this will return a lot (admin), then run a GM-382 report.

Grants do not have Oracle Aliases per se. However, many outside systems use the Banner Index as the Alias for the award. To find your associated Banner Index, from the main Oracle GA menu select ‘Chart of Accounts’ then select ‘Banner-Oracle Interface Map.’ In the ‘Interface Mapping’ form, enter your award number then query for the associated Banner index.

Additionally, the Banner index associated with the award will be listed at the top of the GM-139 report or next to the award number on the GM-082 report.

This means the expenditure type you are trying to select is not allowed. To identify all allowable expenditure types for an award, first run the GM-134 report to identify the Allowed Cost Schedule for your award. Then run the GM-092 report to see the expenditure types allowed for that Cost Schedule. For additional assistance please contact your SPA.