Institutional Base Salary Definition

Compensation is based on an individual’s total Institutional Base Salary (IBS). IBS is the annual compensation paid by the University for an Employee’s Appointment, whether that individual’s time is spent on research, teaching, teaching administration, clinical activity or any other activities.

Effort is defined as the proportion of time spent on any activity expressed as a percentage of the total institutional activities for which an individual is compensated by the University, regardless of part-time or full-time status and/or number of hours worked. Total Effort is always 100% whether a person is employed on a full-time basis by the University or on a part-time basis. Faculty members with multiple appointments consider their combined responsibilities to arrive at their Total Effort.

IBS is established by each School via their annual appointment which includes regular salary associated with their academic appointment(s). IBS also includes secondary administrative appointments such as department chair, associate deans, etc. IBS does not include items such as:

  • Honorarium payments, incentives/bonuses or other one-time payments
  • Income that an individual is permitted to receive directly from third parties outside of their University responsibilities such as consulting fees.


Last Updated Date: December 1, 2018