Manual Journal Entry Processing

1.  On the Oracle Applications Home Page select your title responsibility on the Main Menu.

2.  On the drop down selections that will open, select Journals, then select Enter Journal.

3.  The Find Journals box will automatically open. Click on the New Journal button. This action will open up a journal entry application for all the necessary data entry.

  • Journal field – enter an abbreviation of your department and your first initial and last name.
  • Description field – enter a brief description of the entry to explain why the entry is being done (transfer, share of cost, reallocation of amount, etc.).
  • Category field – click on drop down button and select “Adjustment” category. 
  • Period field will automatically default to current period.

4.  You are now ready to enter debits and credit in the Lines area of the form.

  • In the first box on the first line type the number 1 and tab to the account field. This will cause the line field to automatically place the next sequential number in the field as you enter additional lines of information.
  • Once you tab or click into the Account box a button will appear, click on the button. 
  • This action will open the Accounting Flexfield with a data box next to the word “Alias”.
  • Enter the organization number of the first line of your entry or the Banner Index created for the accounting string. (This is usually done for an R-Fund of an organization).
  • In the account number field enter the account number of the entry and click OK.
  • This action will return you to original form with the complete accounting string in Account field. 
  • Click in the debit or credit boxes as necessary and enter the amount.
  • The Description field will automatically be completed with the description you entered in the top part of the form. This field may be left as is, or can be edited to a different description. 
  • Click in the Account box on the next line. This will cause the line number box to automatically fill with the next sequential number. 
  • Continue to complete the form entering all debits and credits until finished.

5.  Click on the Reserve Funds button.

6. If total debits and total credits do not match, a popup box will appear to notify you of the need for a correction.

7. Once debits and credit balances match you will receive a popup notification the fund reservation is complete. Click the OK button to confirm.

Note: Entries should have backup documentation attached to justify the work. This may be a pdf file, an Excel or Word document, or other electronic formats. Instruction on how to attach support documentation related to your journal entry can be found on the web page of the Office of the University Controller under University Accounting Services.