Preparing Cash Deposit - Cash Departmental

In accordance with University policy, any money received must be deposited the day it is received.

Student Financial and Registration Services closes between 2:30p.m. and 3:30 p.m. everyday. If you deliver the deposit prior to 2:30 p.m., your journal must reflect today’s date in the Effective Date field. If you deliver the deposit after 3:30 p.m., your journal must reflect the following business day’s date.

Please make a copy of the journal entry or note the batch number for the staff.

Please note that the following CANNOT be performed via a Cash Departmental Journal:

  • All gifts must be delivered to the Advancement Office for deposit
  • All deposits reimbursing a research grant must be delivered to Grants & Contracts Account Services (GCAS) for deposit.

Steps to Prepare Journal Entry

  1. Select a GW GL Entry Responsibility.
  2. Double Click: Enter Journals.

Select Enter Journals.

  1. Click: New Journal.

Select New Journal


  1. Enter Journal Header Description Information:
  • Your name, extension, location and brief description
  • Click in the Category Field
    Note: An automatic Batch Name and journal name appear

Journal Header description

  1. Type the word “Cash” in the Category field and press the Tab key.
  • A list of categories for Cash appear.
  • Select Cash Departmental and Click OK.

Cash category choice

  1. The journal header is complete. You are now ready to enter the line information for your deposit.
  • Enter Line 1, press Tab key
  • Press CTRL and L key to bring up the alias box or click the box with the 3 dots to bring up the alias box
  • Type the word “cash”

Note: The journal description populates the line description.

Selection of Departmental Cash line

  1. A list of cash alias will appear, select Cash Dept and Click OK. Then Click OK at the Alias window. The full accounting string for the cash account is populated.


Selection of cash alias Cash Dept


  1. Enter the total dollar amount of deposit in the debit column.


  1. Tab to the last column, Enter Journals: Capture Information. This where you will enter the check/cash information for the deposit.
  • If deposit is a mix of cash and checks, enter appropriate amount for each, leave Change Returned blank.
  • If deposit is either all cash or all checks, enter the appropriate amount and enter 0 for the other; leave Change Returned blank.

Entering cash amount

  1. Enter information on line 2.
  • Press CTRL key to bring up alias box or click the box with the 3 dots to bring up the alias box.
  • Enter the alias and Click OK.

Prepared to enter line 2 information

  1. At the Accounting Flexfield window, enter the natural account to credit, then Click OK.

Entering account to credit

  1. Enter credit amount.
  • The journal description populates the line description, you can append additional information to the line description.
  • Additional lines can be added for the credit amount, if necessary.
  • Debit and Credit equal.

Line information with debit and credit equal

  1. Enter credit amount.
  • Click Reserve Funds (if the journal has not been saved previously, the system will save the journal, Click OK at the Decision box. The system will confirm number of records saved.
  • Funds passed reservation confirmed. Click OK.

Reservation of funds

Completion of journal

Note: If you need to change the effective date, Click Unreserve Funds. A Note box will appear let you know the funds have been unreserved.

  1. Click Approve tab. A note confirms that the journal batch was forwarded to an approver.

Forward of journal to approver

The journal has been forwarded to Student Financial and Registration Services.