Requisition Maintenance

The guidelines below will help users understand the requisition status and learn how to “remove” (liquidate) or “edit and resubmit” requisitions with a status of incomplete, rejected or returned.

Requisition Status Definitions

  • In Process ‰
    • Approved by the Requestor and additional approval needed
      • Must reject requisition to allow edit„
  • Approved‰
    • Requisition fully approved„
      • The Requestor cannot change the requisition, if no PO exists Procurement can “Return” requisition to Requestor for changes, if a PO exists the Requestor must create a new requisition with the changes„
  • Incomplete‰
    • Created but not approved by the Requestor„
      • Incomplete requisitions can be deleted in there „
  • Rejected‰
    • Rejected by one of the approvers‰
    • Requestor can update and resubmit rejected requisitions„
      • Requisition has approval history so it must be cancelled not be „
  • Returned‰
    • Returned by Procurement to be edited or cancelled

Identify Requisitions

  • Log in to EAS„
  • Connect to Oracle„
  • Choose the “GW SC Departmental User” responsibility„
  • Go to Requisition Summary and find your requisitions‰
    • Requisitions > Requisition Summary

Requisition Summary

Requisiiton Summary screen 1

Requisition summary screen 2

Delete Incomplete Requisitions

Delete incomplete requisition step 1

Delete incomplete requisition step 2

Delete incomplete requisition step 3

Delete incomplete requisition step 4

Cancel Rejected or Returned Requisitions

Requisition cancel step 1

Requisition cancel step 2

Requisition cancel step 3

Requisition cancel step 4

Edit & Approve an Incomplete, Rejected, or Returned Requisition

Identify and Open the Desired Requisition

IDentify requisition to edit

Update General Ledger Date

Open requisition to edit

Update generalledger date

Other Requisition Updates

Other requisition updates

Approve Requisition

Approve requisition