Suspense PTA

What is Suspense PTA?


Suspense is a group of PTAs set up in Grants as a catch-all for items that have already passed into EAS, but cannot be posted to the award they were initially charged to due to date or status issues. Some Funds Failed transactions from Concur may also go to suspense.

When an internal transaction in EAS has a date or status issue, it is rejected initially. However, outside systems (payroll, tuition) are unable to check status or dates until they are brought to EAS. The interface parameters for these systems contain the mapping for which suspense PTA to use for the transactions, based on the organization of the transaction.

Why is the transaction in Suspense?

The interfaces have been written to provide the reason an item is in suspense in the comment of the transaction. The easiest way to look at suspense is to go to PI Dashboard. In the comments of the expenditure you will see the statement as to why the item is in suspense (example: Expenditure Item Date does not fall between Award Start Date and Award End Date). The Target Project, Target Task, and Target Award can be found in the comments as well.

How is Suspense cleared?

Suspense can be cleared in the following ways:

  1. When the award date/status issue is cleared, then SPA could do a special transfer to move the transaction from suspense PTA to the target PTA
  2. When the award date/status issue will not be cleared, the transaction needs to be corrected at the source. Using salary as an example, a LR needs to be processed to move the salary off the closing award and on to a different funding source.
  3. In occasions where the item truly does belong on the award but fails because of a date (biweekly payroll where the first week belongs on the award) manual PABs can be processed with adjusted expenditure item date.